Musicians think quicker!

‘Musicians have sharper minds [and] are able to pick up mistakes and fix them quicker than the rest of us, according to new research’

Research at the University of St. Andrews has shown that musicians have a greater capacity for problem solving. It also suggests ‘that musical activity could protect against decline in mental abilities through age or illness’.

The article relating to this can be found here:,227997,en.php

and the original research paper can be found here:

The research is not fundamentally new and the conclusions should not come as a surprise.

Music is all about problem solving: creating and resolving dissonances; predetermining the quantity of notes necessary to fill tactically important time spaces etc. Musicians are constantly doing maths, and unlike mathematicians, they are doing so unconsciously and with underlying creative and emotional purpose. They are essentially doing ‘whole brain maths’! Add to this the fine motor skills involved and it is not hard to see how practising a musical instrument has to be one of the most beneficial activities to all round mind/body conditioning’ (Ian Dyball, 2012)

Take up the guitar today: it’s good for you and it’s cool! See also (distance learning options available)!

guitar teacher Ian Dyball with electric guitar

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