how to live your life

Is life-planning really important?

We are all doing it! We are doing it now. Even the people not reading this blog are doing it. And, although the individual details are varied and obscure, it is the same thing we are doing. We are living our lives; and those lives are all finite.

Imagine being given a single opportunity of five minutes of fame on prime time TV in which to present yourself by saying or doing whatever you please. You would probably have to think long and hard in an effort not to waste that precious time. After all, five minutes within a life time seems like a very short amount of time indeed. But now consider that lifetime? Eighty years (if you’re lucky) within an eternity is beyond miniscule. You are gong to be dead forever. So consider your lifetime, not as anywhere near the eternity that it sometimes seems, but as your only real five minutes of ‘fame’. The only chance to present yourself that you will ever have. What are you doing with it now and what do you intend for the rest of it?

Are you enjoying yourself? Have you chosen wisely? Have you chosen at all, or perhaps you have ‘drifted’ to where you are now with little control at all.

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